Monday, August 23, 2010

Bear Baying Needs to Stop

Watch the video in the post before this one from the Humane Society about bear baying here in South Carolina. Disgusting that this is allowed to go on here in our state.

The poor bears have had their teeth and claws filed down and cannot defend themselves against the dogs. Seems like it is put on for the spectators. To me it is like dog fighting or cock fighting. There are laws against those and bear baying should be outlawed too.

You can contact our Department of Natural Resources here in South Carolina and the Humane Society to let them know this needs to stop.


  1. I had no idea! no, I did not watch the video, I can only imagine from your description what the horror must be like without the visual. That makes me very sad and angry for such inhumane treatment animals or people.

    On a brighter note!!!... Your blog is great. Can't wait to read more about the happenings in your world.


  2. Hi Ellen....sorry to just responding to your comment. We do have a state representative that after viewing the video, is going to introduce a bill to outlaw this practice.